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To apply for affiliation with us you must have a similar section somewhere in your website or blog and link back. We only accept being linked through image or text, never drop-downs.

Once you are accepted, your website will be added to your desired section accordingly, and there it will stay until a) you ask to terminate affiliation; b) you remove us from your affiliates without notice; c) you move our link to a drop-down or d) your website gets suspended/terminated.

All applications will be answered by email.

Having trouble? Email us at admiringrush@mail.com.


  • Websites and blogs (self-hosted, fan-hosted or free-hosted) can apply. Social networks cannot apply.
  • All affiliates will have a link within their desired category with no further distinction being made between them.
  • Keep in mind that if you link us on a page alone and not through an affiliates section, your link will be placed on our affiliates page alone. It’s only fair.
  • [POTC Family] To join the POTC family, you must have a fansite dedicated to one of Geoffrey’s pirate co-stars and a similar section: POTC family, co-stars elite or family. Please explain how you think of adding us!
  • You don’t have to link back before applying.
  • Your website or blog does not have to be in English.
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