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If our aim is to become the leading source for everything Geoffrey Rush, we have a long, long way to go! We have just started and ask for a little patience, but we are uploading more content on a daily basis.

This page lists the upcoming content for Admiring Geoffrey Rush.

You can contribute to our website in so many ways! You can help by screencapping his movies, donating your own photos of him or even your fanart, by submitting articles to the Press Centre… Get in touch and we will see to it!


Accolades page – Intended to be a table-page with some footnotes.
Film pages – We wish to create a page for each and every one of Geoffrey’s projects, complete with overview, synopsis, trailer and gallery links.
Press Centre – A big wish of ours is to create an archive of Geoff’s interviews and other news of relevance so they can be read even after their get excluded from their sources.
Media Centre – Another big project is creating a video platform where everyone can watch movie trailers, Geoff’s interviews and such other videos. Films are, of course, excluded.



We want the best 720p and 1080p images for our gallery. We aim to do this by resorting to screencap-dedicated sources and capping Geoff’s roles on our own. Below, you can check the status of this process. (Only films that fill the former quality demands are listed, in the order we get them.)

Elizabeth DONE
Elizabeth: The Golden Age DONE
• Frida
• The Book Thief
• The King’s Speech
• Holding The Man


Year by year, we plan to do gallery updates of Geoff’s public appearances.

2015 DONE
2014 DONE
• 2013
• 2012
• 2011
• 2010
• 2009
• 2008
• 2007
• 2006
• 2005
• 2004
• 2003
• 2002
• 2001
• 2000

Movie Stills & Posters

For the moment, we are only uploading movie stills/posters which are already available in hq and can be shared; or movie stills/posters that can be shared bearing a watermark and/or lower quality. It is a wish for the (distant) future to enrich our gallery with the purchase of these images in hq.